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When I first wrote Nutritional Truths it was to educate the public on what really harms our health and what to do if a disease comes a calling. We think it is genetics but less than 10% of the time it is repeated behaviors that kill us early. As Dr. Lodi says, paraphrasing here, there is no such things as disease it is actually just the body out of balance so there is no need for thousands of cures for thousands of diseases because we just need to add or remove things, we expose ourselves to in order to allow it to be in balance.

Since Nutritional Truths publishing many more doctors and industry professionals have written about what I once did and so since I don’t have time just yet for an update, I decided to end publishing it and point you to others that I trust and know you will find beneficial to know all about. Wishing you every success and happiness and come on over and try our plant-based proteins.

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Dr Michael Gregor has written two great books ‘How not to die’ and ‘How not to diet’. Here is his site with exceptional data mostly from peer-review studies.

Dr Thomas Lodi is a doctor who read the same book that I did that changed my life “Medical Miracle” he operates an Oasis of Healing in Arizona.

Chris Beat Cancer had testicular cancer and after surgery decided not to poison himself but rather to heal himself.

Dianna Won a physicist and Colonel in the USAF had stage 4 ovarian cancer was in hospice care given 4 weeks to live and it is ten years later and she is showing people how to heal.

The worlds thought leader in orthomolecular medicine Andrew Saul is awesome too.