Freedom Through Forgiveness

Maybe they spoke cruelly to you or caused any level of physical or emotional pain. Perhaps you were on the receiving end of abuse of any and every kind. Maybe the pain comes from one or many omissions of affection, love, security, acknowledgement, kindness, or maybe their failure to forgive you.

Making it to the point you have in your life experiences of all kinds have you had, and some of them stick with us for a lifetime both the “good” and the “bad”. Other than perhaps while drinking, drugging, sexing, shopping, eating, working, etc. the memories remain and sometimes so do the feelings.

We are allowed to forgive those who have wronged us no matter the level of their interaction with us. The action of forgiveness in no way excuses the behaviours of the person/s but rather frees you from being tethered to them in an unhealthy fashion mentally and emotionally.

If you are holding onto a resentment or many of them against people or institutions consider how freeing it will finally be to release them with love or at least no more hate, anger, or resentment. Have as many resentments as you wish, but they will never serve you.

Anytime you have forgiven, and that same resentment pops back into your mind, this is normal, give them to God or the universe in words or thoughts and remind yourself that you have already released them for good. You are welcome to remain victimized, and that is your right. However, it will never serve you as well as being empowered and moving forward untethered to the pains of old.

May love be in abundance in your life, may you forgive yourself as well in allowing yourself to move forward from this day. Sometimes charity starts at home and who are we not to forgive ourselves. Enjoy your weekend and Be Well!


Heartburn Drugs directly linked to Dementia and the truth about Baking Soda.

Heartburn drugs are directly linked to dementia as published in the Journal of American Medicine last month. In addition, to dementia, other side effects include Increased fractures, heart attacks, and pneumonia.

The risk from PPI use in those studied was a 44% increased risk of dementia due to their use! If one goes to the doctor with issues from indigestion and peptic ulcers to GERD’s (gastroesophageal reflux disease) they will almost always prescribe you a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) which includes Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, and Aciphex.

The easiest solution is to stop using them and shift to baking soda or better yet learn about how dehydration and diet are directly linked to heartburn. It is not our bodies producing too much acid but rather too little of it. Remember that continued irritation/inflammation often leads to producing cancer.

What I knew of baking soda over my lifetime till recently included its use in baking, removing odors from fridges and freezers and Archie Bunker using it to ease his heartburn, as have I a few times. Egyptians used a form of it 3500 years ago to help clean and make mummies with. Arm & Hammer come along in 1846 to become the largest purveyor of baking soda.

Today I know it to be an amazing and powerful healing “tool” and very inexpensive. Used to destroy cancer cells, absorb radiation, treat cold or flu symptoms, and is great for a natural toothpaste, deodorant, and exfoliant. Just Google it and wow does it replace a host of toxic chemicals!

Remember that 95% of all disease or health issue are a direct result of what we are eating and drinking and not because grandpa, or an Aunt had it. We hold the keys to wellness in our consumption, movement, and thoughts. Have a fun weekend, share this as you wish and Be Well!

Baking soda has thousands of uses.

Baking soda has thousands of uses.

Valentine’s Day Once More

Valentine’s day over my lifetime thus far has changed a bit over the years, and I recall my earliest school days of passing out Valentines to all my classmates via their Valentines bags taped across the chalkboard. It also meant an opportunity to make a card for mom though I don’t recall dad ever getting one.

Giving flowers made the scene as I became a teenager for girlfriends on Valentines, which has carried on to this very day. Yes, they are overpriced and die in a few days, but if your beloved enjoys them, then you buy them. Sure cards and candy can go a long way to saying I love you and a nice dinner too but florists have bills to pay too.

For as long as I remember NECCO Sweethearts have been a part of my Valentine’s Day. They began making them back in 1866 and though the sayings and flavors have changed over the years they remain my favorites. Yes due to the ingredients I cannot recommend them, but they are a tasty treat. So tasty they make eight billion of them a year, making them the best-selling Valentines candy, even over chocolates.

I also spent years along the way without a particular Valentine so I would either just ignore it or ask a friend to dinner or lunch to celebrate being single. One time I broke up with my girlfriend the beginning of February knowing, I would then not get to deal with all the flowers, etc. on Valentine’s day. Don’t hate.

Our now six-month-old puppy Paisley has brought a new level of love into our lives, and again I say “Who knew?” I was trimming her nails after her bath today and cut into the quick. She did not yelp or seem affected by it, but man do those nails bleed.
Seems you can get by a drug to place on it or use an 80/20 mix of cornstarch/baking soda to stop the bleeding.

I felt so terrible making my dog bleed but have confirmed that it is not all that unusual and I have more knowledge of how to avoid it going forward. More puppy wellness info can be easily had on Mercola Pets.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year may you enjoy it and whoever your Valentine is, even if it is you! Be kind to yourself and share as you wish-Be Well!

Paisley Greeting

Paisley Greeting

Roundup or Real Maple Syrup?

Every fall in the north maple trees are tapped for their sap and then it is cooked to reduce the water content and increase the sweetness. Too bad almost all “maple” syrups on the market today are made from GMO corn. Just in case, you needed a little more Roundup in your diet, they are almost entirely corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. Their focus is on margins and not wellness, fair enough.

Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Hungry Jack, and almost all store brands, are full of corn and mostly artificial colors and flavors. There is nothing close to maple syrup in them though that is how it started out over 120 years ago. I will point out that Log Cabin has now ousted the High Fructose Corn Syrup for likely GMO sugar. Note that Pinnacle Foods owns Log Cabin as well as Aunt Jemima and Hungry Man.

Lots of folks avoid real maple syrup due to increased costs, and many of the smaller bottles of it are many times more than the stuff mentioned above. The great news is that places like Costco carry offerings such as Kirkland’s organic grade A maple syrup in a one liter jug that is considerably less than at any other store.

Also, in addition to its amazing flavor, organic maple syrup delivers a high amount of manganese per serving as well as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, and Copper. A natural and very sustainable sweetener, organic maple syrups flavor is amazing and whether atop breakfast items or in your favorite recipe the flavor and richness are sure to please.

Learn more about maple syrup and other sweeteners that support wellness in the book Nutritional Truths. Feel free to share this, enjoy your weekend and Be Well!

Falling into a Mineralized Winter

From pumpkin spiced everything, leaves falling to the ground, to the second round of turkey leftovers from last night, Fall is on its way out once again. Seems like it just got here. Just over three weeks until it is officially Winter for the next three months and most of all I will miss the trees full of green leaves.

I enjoy and appreciate fall colored leaves as much as the next person but then there is this visual absence of life though that is merely an illusion as the tree is just alive as ever going through a process begun long ago. Their naked limbs and branches offer an entirely different view.

This weekend here in North Texas the leaves are beginning to allow captain gravity to honor his commitment and open up my view that in the Summer is one full of green. Where I live is filled with deciduous trees, primarily post oaks, this time of year as they color from green to brown and fall, I miss them.

Before electricity, everyone used wood fires for cooking and warmth. The wood ash was then used in the family garden to mineralize the soil and in the salt and for seasoning once again mineralizing the diet. Trees are full of minerals and today we tend to be under “mineralized” due to this fact & poor diet.

We get most minerals from our water and the real whole foods we consume as well as if we use Real or Himalayan pink salt. Sen Tra Men also offers plant digested minerals from million of years ago and then buried until now. Investigate further and questions, please ask.

As our year winds down and we head into Christmas and New Years may you find much to enjoy within yourself and the world! Have a great long weekend, feel free to share this, and Be Well!

Cancer Industry exposed!

With the Truth about Cancer series still running for free and the 4th chapter begins tonight. To take part just click HERE. Why take the time out of your busy life to view this? Did you know that here in the US as it is in the UK, and Australia big Pharma and the cancer industry have a stranglehold on every single cancer patient?

Making money is their only focus and not helping folks to live longer lives. I base this solely on results. So no doctor anywhere can tell a patient to do anything other than surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Even though there are dozens of other non-toxic options that work to remove cancers, they will face a fine, incarceration, and loss of licensing if they ever even hint at anything outside their profit center.

One in two men and one in three women will face cancer in their lifetime, but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence unless you listen to your allopathic doctor and become part of the cancer industries matrix of cut, burn, poison. The Truth about Cancer series covers so many aspects and effective solutions to cancer that I cannot state it enough to invest your time in watching it and for free right now!

If you still think the FDA, AMA and ACS care about you, I would ask if anyone has let you in on the Santa myth. Of all the evidence, I have poured through they only seem to care about those that fund them and keeping “diseases” profitable. As it is today all the processed food and beverage manufacturers, fast food, restaurants make money on the front end until you are sick then the medical establishment including the cancer hacks, get to make money on the back-end most often sending you to deaths door via their profitable, outdated, and often barbaric offerings.

I have to admit that most of my life I thought anything outside the medical norm was BS so if you’re thinking what I am sharing is BS I understand and would offer you to please investigate further.
Share this as you may and be very well!


A Puppy, an Owl, and Coyotes oh my!

The one thing I had not done before we picked up our puppy was to be properly trained on how to train a puppy. Puppies come with sets of behaviors, and the secret is to know how to communicate best with the puppy. Our puppy came with boundless energy, an appetite, need to eliminate and an ability to use its teeth via biting/mouthing to investigate everything.

By using a crate to keep her in between breaks including potty, play, and food breaks, it keeps the house safe from biting and puppy elimination, so far. We had finished out the back yard so she would have room to play etc., and she learns a bit more of it each day. Plus a crate serves as her cozy den. While I used to sleep with my cats this puppy will not be joining us in bed.

Our largest issue has been that Paisley didn’t know the difference between one’s hand, toe or nose from a toy, at the beginning. She has learned this is not acceptable, and it has gotten much better with room for more improvement. She has taken to chasing and fetching her ball for up to maybe 5 minutes before she loses interest and fights with the plants in the pots or beds.

Sometimes at night when taking her out back the coyotes will howl from several directions with one pack hanging out in the trees not 200 feet behind our home. It is funny to see her stop play and look in the direction of the howling. We also fenced the yard such that critters cannot easily enter it.

We also have a great horned owl, not sure how great it is but that’s its name, and it hangs out in the backyard and one of the first nights we took her out to play the owl had perched itself on top of the house, and we decided to keep a close eye and stand near so puppy does not take a first and last flight with the owl.

I had two cats for almost twenty years and they are simple. Dogs require so very much more but I am happy to announce I am taken with this puppy like I never thought possible. May your weekend be an awesome one feel free to share this as you like and Be well!

“Not Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and Astor together could have raised money enough to buy a quarter share in my little dog.” ― Ernest Thompson Seton (1)

It’s Giveaway time!

This week in the spirit of wellness we are giving away three audio copies of Nutritional Truths and the only requirement for entry is to like and share this post on your Facebook page. ***Correction-We are now giving away five free copies of Nutritional Truths. Everyone who does this will go into a drawing next week, and I will announce the winners next Thursday the 17th!

One of the most educational experiences I have had in some time is learning to market a book. After I became clear how almost all disease was an option and not our genetic fate I began writing Nutritional Truths. Time and again I hear folks talk about older relatives and disease as if genetics is why they are sick. Of course this is most often not true at all.

Almost always it is a result of repeated behaviors that supports and will often replicate illness. From food, beverages, thoughts, and behaviors to one’s perception of the world is either adding to one’s wellness or illness. As Dr. Wigmore used to say ” The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

All ten chapters can be read to you by me for free! Help me get the word out about Nutritional Truths as well as my blog at In my blog, I cover topics that will support your efforts in knowing the truths about certain things that may impact you and your families wellness. If you ever have an idea for a blog or would like to suggest topics, please let me know.

The book covers foods, beverages and their ingredients that serve us well and those that support disease and death. Attitudes, behaviors and habits that support illness and those that support wellness. Learn the truth about environmental toxins we often expose ourselves to as well as truths about dentistry and its impact on one’s health.

Be introduced to medical pioneers and their effective solutions to disease over the past 100 years. Inspire yourself with stories from those who have faced a diagnosis and use alternative care to bring about wellness. Folks read or listen to Nutritional Truths for many different reasons. Like and share this now on Facebook on or before September 17th for your chance to win! Thanks and be well!

The Fallacy of Fluoride

Of all the crazy things our government has done to its people this is one of the absolute blunders of our time. A byproduct of nuclear weapons manufacturing, aluminum, steel, cement and phosphate manufacturing comes fluoride. Someone explain to me where some dolt thought-“Hey its toxic waste, let’s make cities pay for it, and have them poison the people with it by adding it to their drinking water!”

“I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effect on a long-range basis. Any attempt to use the water this way is deplorable.” Charles G. Heyd, M.D., Past President, AMA.

In our toothpaste, treatments as a children and even added to drinking water for adults and infants. Fluoride is in approximately 70% of all drinking water in the US. Over in Europe hardly any country fluoridates their water in fact less than 5% of Europe adds it at all. Wonder who’s making the commissions here in the US for selling it?

Apparently many of our city governments feel they know better than the people do and forcibly drug them via the provided water supply. There are various filters etc available for removing the fluoride from the faucet and shower. If you’re showering with it then it is making it into your system.

For a more in-depth explanation investigate Dr Weston Price and realize that our cultural conditioning is merely that. We have been raised to believe certain things as those before us did, which includes trusting the government and all of its agencies. Seems like a lifetime ago since I believed that way:)

“I cannot find any public evidence…that the AMA, the ADA (Dental), or several other health agencies, now recommending the fluoridation of water, had done any original (“experimental”) work of their own. These groups were simply endorsing each other’s opinions.” Justice John Flaherty, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, address, 1981.

Fluoride is found in nature and some foods but in minimal amounts. We have zero requirement for fluoride as it is not a nutrient and no one ever got a cavity from a lack of fluoride. Cavities are a result of mostly refined and processed foods. Not because the teeth were not being fluoridated either by toothpaste or water. There are many effective toothpaste alternatives that include zero fluoride.

Next week I will begin a simple contest and will be giving away 3 audio copies of my book Nutritional Truths! May the long weekend be a good one for you and please share this as you wish. Be well!

Make your own effective toothpaste!

Make your own effective toothpaste!

Audio Intentions

It is with much excitement that I announce that the audio version of Nutritional Truths is now available on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon. So however one likes to enjoy taking in a book they may do so now with mine. In fact you can listen to a two plus minute introduction HERE.

The amount of time it took to record a forty thousand word book was less than 12 hours with the editing taking more time than that. I realized that a recording session could last up to two hours but after that my voice was toast so we did it over 6 days and it was a fun experience.

I also soon learned that if you want to truly find each and every little typo and hidden glitch in a book you have written just record an audio version of it. Even after being professionally edited they existed, but that has now been rectified. With a finished listening time of four hours twenty-four minutes Nutritional Truths now lives forever in the land of Audio.

As I begin work on my second book I am grateful to those who supported my efforts on the first. Especially those nine kind people who shared their stories of how they found solutions outside the norm to move beyond cancer.

The entire reason I wrote the book was to support folks in avoiding illness and knowing that cut, burn, poison are not the only things to turn to if diagnosed with one of many “diseases”. Our bodies are designed to heal we simply have to get out-of-the-way sometimes and treat it in such a way that it can do its job.

May your weekend bring you much joy and the gift of a good book of say like Nutritional Truths is priceless. Feel free to share and Be Well!

Now on Audio

Now on Audio