Did you hear the one about the Vegan Butcher?

A few weeks ago I did a blog on Americas very first Vegan Butcher Shop opening up in Minneapolis named the Herbivorous Butcher. Business has been busy for them ever since they opened their doors. I recently placed an order with them and will cover that in a sec.

First I had to share a zany write up about this Vegan Butcher Shop that was written on the National Hog Farmers Blog, and it is a doozy! Even more interesting are the comments that follow. Both are found HERE.

The press release from the National Hog Farmer mentions how unethical it is for the shop to call themselves butchers when they don’t kill anything. They also spoke of how much more water is used to grow vegetables than hogs and with a little research, one can see this is not the case at all.

Living in their world may explain such erroneous statements and besides if your paycheck is coming from such an organization chances are you have bought into whatever the organization is up to. In America, we harvest over thirteen thousand pigs per hour per day or 3.61 swine per second, all day long.

With it now confirmed that bacon and most pork products are a known carcinogen at the end of last year I can understand why the industry would bristle at anything outside the norm and replacement foods without having to slaughter a living critter is unthinkable. Turns out the alternate choices for pork are amazing!

I received my Vegan starter kit two days ago and could not be more pleased with the offerings. From a porterhouse steak to Cajun seasoned jerky each product is better than the next! My kit also included Korean Ribs, Sriracha and Italian Brats, maple breakfast sausage, pastrami, teriyaki jerky, and smoky ribs.

Each one I have tried thus far has been wonderful, and the base for many of these is wheat gluten. The spices are key outside of the texture, and this place knows what they are doing. As more folks learn about the ability to avoid heart disease and cancer through diet, I would expect the demand for compassionate, safer and tasty solutions only to grow from this point forward.

I expect Herbivorous Butcher Shops will one day be in many cities and while one may purchase these types of products at the local healthy grocery store nothing beats the taste of, fresh, small batch, locally sourced, handmade foods. And this will happen no matter what anyone inside the critters for food industry or anyone else has to say about it.

Vegan starter kit

Vegan starter kit

The tide is turning in America the last few years as we are consuming fewer cows and pigs, and they don’t mind a bit. If you have never tried a meat alternative product then I invite you to try one and don’t stop there, try another. Let’s make it easy and you just go to Chipotle and try their Sofritas (tofu) rather than beef or chicken and enjoy! Feel free to share this with others and Be Well!

Processed meats now categorized the same as asbestos, formaldehyde & mustard gas.

After the review of over 400 studies all processed meats are now classified as Group 1, carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organization so if you’re a consumer of them, please take note. Their classification comes from evidence from epidemiological studies that eating processed meat causes colorectal cancer.

After reviewing over 700 studies, it was concluded that red meat: that includes beef, veal, pork, lamb, mutton, horse, and goat would be classified Group 2A, Probably carcinogenic to humans. Yes, they eat horse meat all around the world.

In those studies, risk mostly increased with the amount of meat consumed. In an analysis of facts from 10 studies estimated that each 50-gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by about 18%.

If you are not familiar with the China Study and the movie Forks over Knives, and you care to learn more about the whole meat hubbub then read and watch it. You have a right to know the truths about what you consume and then it is your choice what to do with that information.

As with most studies, we have no idea what their complete lifestyle was outside of the consumption of the processed meats. Far too many variables to pin down accurate numbers in my thinking but the fact is our bodies have zero requirements for processed anything and outside of b-12 no requirements for meat.

Paisley, the puppy, continues to grow and learn and is a true source of joy for us. Almost 13 weeks old she is so much bigger than we got her six weeks ago and so is our love for her. Nutritional Truths is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle as well as on iTunes and Audible in audio version. Share as you wish and Be well!