Holistic Wellness often requires Patience

Holistic Medicine is considered by many to be hokey or new-age, feel-good, hogwash. I was this way once. If facts are an important thing to folks may they realize that what they are blowing off is Original effective medicine. Found today under the terms Holistic Medicine, Homeopathy, Folk Medicine, Unconventional Medicine, and Unorthodox Medicine it allows the body to heal itself as it was intended to do, once given the opportunity.

The schlock the doc throws at you from his buddies at GSK or Merck is almost always toxic. Over a hundred thousand people in the US die from those forms of modern medicine they embrace. Properly prescribed and taken dead is a possible side effect, but they keep thinking they need a pill for it.

Outside of trauma care, much of today’s allopathic medicine is only about profit. From the physician and their buddy in the pharmacy comes concoctions that often only suppress symptoms and again, just may kill you. Many times a shift in behaviors and what one consumes will fix what ails you, and no waiting room!

With holistic solutions, we have to wait often for wellness since it takes time for the body to make use of what it is given and then symptoms go for good. We have gotten used to taking a pill to knock out a symptom. Patience comes in very handy when allowing the body to handle healing itself.

For thousands of years, Native Americans, as well as natives from Mexico and Africa, have used living clay to bring about wellness. Mineral-rich clay promotes healing and like Redmond Clay since it holds a negative electrical charge it will draw to it positively charged toxins and carry them out of the body. Yes, the clay can be used internally and externally.

If this is all brand new to you, investigate it further, and folks also consume Diatomaceous Earth for many reasons including silica and minerals as well as taking out parasites. So many old-school, inexpensive and effective solutions all around us that have worked so much longer than we have been alive or will live.

Feel free to share this. Puppy update: We have had Paisley almost a week and crate training is an adventure but an effective one. Have a wonderful first weekend of Fall and Be well!

“The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made His greatest gifts the commonest.” ― Martin Luther

Puppy Love

Her name was Samantha, and we mostly called her Sam. Came into my young life when I was three and was our dog growing up. Mix of terrier, schnauzer, and poodle she was about 25 pounds and lived to be eighteen. It was the first time I witnessed my father crying when she was put to rest.

A few years later a girlfriend and neighbor had adopted two female kittens from the same litter, and I would watch them for extended periods of time. Immediately after our relationship ended she offered to give the kittens to me but upon my return one weekend she said they had run off. The next day I found the kittens at the local animal shelter, as she had brought them in the day previous stating that they had found the cats abandoned. She was unique.

I adopted them and changed their names to Calvin and Hobbs. Anyone who knew me well knew my cats. Hobbs was dubbed “Lap S*%@” as she never met a lap she didn’t like and when you sat she would be on or next to you quickly. Calvin too would come and greet any visitor, and they were much like dogs but more curious. They would also come when called or stay away when refused.

Hobbs lived an adventurous life for sixteen and a half years, and Calvin was two months short of reaching twenty when she faded out. I still miss them every day and crying for me is only a thought of them away. They were my first experience of true pet relationships. They now reside in an urn on my desk.

I am a cat person first and my wife a dog person first. After my wife had lived with the kitties for a majority of their lives, she mentioned she would like to have a dog one day. We have been in talks about it for years. By the middle of this October, we will have our first puppy together. We have completed a backyard for her to enjoy, though she will live indoors, and the thought of having another life in the house is exciting.

Did you know that dogs can live on vegetables alone? They are opportunistic carnivores and enjoy meat but don’t require it. I know more and more folks are supplementing their dogs chow with probiotics for overall better health. Dr. Mercola offers great holistic advice on his pet website, and it offers a search function to make finding information a breeze.

So I live each day now with the thought of a new life we haven’t met yet, and I look forward to loving another critter and being loved. I know many people who have three to six dogs at any given time, and I am just nervous about the one. We are in the process of choosing a name, rules, etc. and I like it. Wonder if we’ll end up with more than one someday.

Once our puppy has us I will share a pic etc. And about the audio book. What I didn’t know about the Nutritional Truths audio book is that before it is available on Audible, iTunes and Amazon it has to be reviewed and approved on their end, which can take up to two weeks.

So any day now I will drop a blog about recording the book and informing all that it is available for streaming or download. Have a wonderful weekend, feel free to share this and Be Well!

Hobbs and Calvin

Hobbs and Calvin