God Food

Many of us grew up in a home where meals came from a drive through or out of a box, bag, can or container. Therefore, today fresh vegetables often do not reside at the top of our list of things we crave to eat. Fat, salt, and sugar are at the top of that list because that is how we are hardwired. Understand that at the time of our wiring we did not have a drive through on every corner or grocery stores filled to the brim with fake foods.

All processed carbohydrates (buns, coatings, fries) behave like sugar in our brains making fast food, and most processed foods hit on all three cylinders and then there’s the copious MSG added. Examining the Standard American Diet the vegetable we most consume are potatoes, fried potatoes. All supported by the amount of fast and restaurant foods we eat. Although potatoes do offer some nutrition when baked, the sweet potato has more to offer us nutrition wise.

Growing up, my idea of a vegetable outside of potatoes was green beans or spinach fresh out of the can. Iceberg lettuce tomatoes and cucumber would make an appearance on the occasional spaghetti night. It was not until I learned about holistic health did I come to realize how many vegetables support health and help keep disease away.

Organic vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants all to support our wellness. I refer to vegetables as God food or food that loves you back. Foods created by God trump foods made by man every time!

The easiest way to fill yourself with more veggies is either to fill your blender half full with greens and then make a smoothie. Many favor young beet, chard & kale greens or spinach. Add frozen bananas, berries, almond milk or coconut water, maybe ground flax, chia or hemp hearts and you’re all set.

You can also finely dice up zucchini, yellow squash, carrots or use the food processor and add them to any meat or non-meat sauces, loafs, meatballs or patties. Invest $30 in a spiralizer and use zucchini or squash in place of pasta and don’t forget spaghetti squash for another way to sneak more veggies onto the dinner table.

Organic vegetables feed our bodies and mind better than anything you can get from a drive-through, box, bag, can or container. If the vegetables are raw, then all the enzymes are in play. If you’re only into sharing your love with those that love you back, then become more familiar with a true love, vegetables.

May your weekend be a great one, share as you like and Be Well!

A rainbow of nutrition awaits in vegetables

A rainbow of nutrition awaits in vegetables

Study finds Glyphosate (Roundup) in 85% of feminine products!

In the attempt to avoid exposure to toxins one only need to be aware of all they are taking in through food and beverage as well as whatever is placed on their skin. Many folks remove all the toxins from their homes by replacing soaps, shampoos, deodorants, and now something new to consider.

Whether one uses pads, tampons or both be aware that if it is not organic it likely contains glyphosate. You know Roundup as that spray that kills all growing things but does it bother you to know now how you may be exposing yourself to it? Easy to avoid by using only organic products.

The demise of the honey bee and monarch butterfly are tied directly to glyphosate being used so abundantly throughout the US, 2.6 billion pounds of it last year alone. Cotton is now one of those almost all GMO crops which means like the soy and corn it is sprayed heavily with a known carcinogen in the state of California, Glyphosate. And since it is systemic there is no rinsing it off of one’s produce.

The study came out of the National University of La Plata since there are no universities in the US who would ever test for such things since they are all influenced by Monsanto and big pharma. In addition to the pads and tampons, it was also found in cotton swabs and gauze. All of these items may be purchased as organic and Roundup free at healthful grocery stores.

You have a right to know what you are exposing all of your body to. There is also great concern that when we consume these chemicals it kills off beneficial bacteria in the gut. For a puppy update, we are learning more and more and so is she. Paisley, the puppy, is our new focus, and she will not have access to anything with glyphosate in it. Share as you wish and be well!

Paisley at Play

Paisly at Play

Birthing of Nutritional Truths.

What began as a personal experiment turned into a quest for truths and then came the need to share much of what I have learned with as many folks as I can. Deciding to write Nutritional Truths and then actually delivering on that decision exposes one to their ways-of-being in life. There is much room for organization and I could not live with myself without publishing what I had learned. This book for me, as it seems for many, is not a finish line, but rather my starting line.

If I waited till I had reached some level of perfection in my own life, it may have never happened. Realized last summer out in the deserts of Arizona that my life’s purpose going forward is to educate about illness and wellness. Still don’t have anywhere near all the answers, likely never will, but the ones I now know are in the book.

I have witnessed too many family members, friends and colleagues dying needlessly and often at far too young an age. Many of them from heart disease and cancer. I learned that while they were likely oblivious to their own contributions to their illness, they were also in the dark about various effective solutions for what ailed them. While not pointing any fingers, as I would have four pointed right back at me, it is important for us to know how we can shift the crosshairs of disease off of us through informed choices and actions.

This begins my weekly blog and you’re invited to join me each week, as I share information that may serve you well! Kindly share my book,join me on Face Book-link to the right, and that will allow you to see each new addition to my blog. Consider sharing with those you know and care about and I welcome your feedback, questions and ideas! Take a look around this site to learn more. Be kind to yourself for me, and be well!