How Dr. Schweitzer cured his type II diabetes in 1950.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer was born in Germany in 1875 the son and grandson of Lutheran ministers. He was known for many things including being an acclaimed organist, an international authority on Bach, an author, a church pastor, the principal of a seminary, a university professor with two doctoral degrees and philanthropist.


Realizing the rising and unanswered needs for medical support in Africa, he spent seven years educating himself and graduating in 1913 from Strasbourg University as an MD. His goal was to open a hospital in the wilds of Africa, and he did just that in a town at the time named Lambarene, now known as Gabon, nestled along the Ogooue River not far from the equator.


He brought his wife Helen to assist him and though they spent a few months in an internment camp during the second world war: it didn’t slow them down one bit. Once released they got back to it with him heading the facilities and with a growing demand he opened a leprosarium.

Dr. Schweitzer had a legendary sense of humor. As his look resembled his friend Albert Einstein, once on a train he was asked by a couple of schoolgirls, “Dr. Einstein, may we have your autograph?” Not wanting to disappoint them he did sign their autograph book: “Albert Einstein, by his friend Albert Schweitzer.”

In 1950 he met Dr. Max Gerson, who used his Gerson protocol to heal Schweitzer’s type two diabetes and Albert became a vegetarian. Dr. Gerson’ s protocol also cleared up Schweitzer’s daughter’s chronic skin condition and saved the life of Albert’s wife, who suffered from tuberculosis, which had not responded to conventional treatment. Another confirmation that the Gerson protocol worked!

Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers (1)

Dr. Schweitzer said of Dr. Max Gerson “I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.” Dr. Schweitzer won the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize, and he died in 1965 at the age of 90 at his hospital in Africa. At the time of his death, he had served tens of thousands of people and had grown the complex into seventy buildings with over five hundred and fifty beds. Through his generosity, he set up trusts that keep facilities open to this day.

You can learn more about Dr. Schweitzer and his accomplishments as well and Dr. Max Gerson and all he has done to bring about healing online. Consider viewing Dying to have known, which is a documentary about the Gerson protocol while one titled Simply Raw, is all about ending diabetes and can be found online also. Enjoy your weekend, like and share, stay cool, and Be Well!


Talk about a large organ!

In addition to acting as an envelope keeping us all together, our skin acts as a regulator of our bodies temperature by dissipating heat through sweating and keeping us warm in the cold. Our skin proves to us every time we have a cut or scrape that it was made to heal.

With Summer now upon us, it is imperative that you are clear that whatever you are putting on your body is likely going into your body. From lotions, makeup, soaps, perfumes, and sunscreen. We will focus on sunscreen since too often folks are only focused on the SPF number and not how they are dosing their or their children’s bodies with chemicals you would never serve on a sandwich.

There are two different ways sunscreens are created, and one is with toxic chemicals and the other with minerals that too often include the toxic chemicals. Both act as a barrier but with chemicals like Oxybenzone that is linked to a myriad of health concerns it is amazing that people just trust manufacturers and slather anything sold on themselves and those they love.

The EWG tested over 1400 different sunscreens, and only 5% met their safety standards with over 40% potentially contributing to skin cancer. A search online for natural homemade sunscreens will produce many options. Ingesting organic carotenoid-rich foods like carrots, peaches, tomatoes, watermelon, leafy greens and red peppers will support the bodies efforts too.

One of the best ways to stay safer outside is to limit one’s sun exposure and to cover up with shade, wide-brimmed hats, and long-sleeved tops. With skin cancer rates always rising consider thinking twice before you reach for that mass-produced sunscreen and consider if it would go well on your sandwich.

Have an amazing Summer and may this weekend be a great one! Share as you may and Be Well!

Cultural Conditioning for Profits

As we grow up, we begin to believe all that we are taught as the way things are and of course that they are all the facts we need to know, and they, of course, are the right way to see things. The trouble is that it is our reality that often precludes any real investigation into facts that may support other ways of seeing things.

Take for example dairy milk. Kids are taught that milk is required for strong bones and to avoid osteoporosis etc. and this is in no way the truth. This is supported by the lies perpetuated by the government’s food pyramid that came out in the 1970’s that was created originally in Sweden.

We no more need dairy in our diets than an extra hole in the head. From commercials to milk cartons and a full-on brainwashing takes places in Americas schools within the cafeterias to promote further this outdated unhealthy scam that is just bovine growth juice. They tout it as everything it is not and yes plants have plenty of calcium.

Special interest groups became involved in creating Americas food pyramid, and it worked to push further their products and increase sales. In 1992, dairy ended up with its section on Americas food pyramid since the dairy council paid for it. The wheat growers were able to have them suggest 6-11 servings a day of their needless grains. This is the best the USDA could do, and it is no wonder why we doubt the legitimacy of anything our government or its agencies have to say.

The same thing goes for consuming animal flesh or trusting allopathic doctors, etc. While I grew up attending a Methodist church and eating burgers, some other kid born elsewhere was going to a Temple and raised as a vegetarian. His world was normal to him and mine to me, all at the same time.

To live in the question is a good thing and if answers are sought, they shall be found. Once we get over having to have our way of thinking be the only way and the right way, we open ourselves to more truths. There are beliefs I have held my entire life that disappeared once I learned other truths and some that will likely never change. And I work to remain open to learning from any source.

Defined as the social process in which authority figures, peers, and the media define our cultural values, beliefs, ethical system, and ultimately how we see ourselves. Cultural conditioning also has folks believe that solutions for cancer don’t exist. However they do and in various non-toxic forms. I cover many of them in my book Nutritional Truths.

Next week is the one year anniversary of publishing Nutritional Truths, and we will be giving away a few copies of the audio version through Audible. It will all be explained next week thanks for reading this and enjoy your weekend. Share as you wish and Be Well!



Ready to learn the Truth about Cancer?

The entire reason I wrote Nutritional Truths was so folks could come out of the fog and learn that getting Cancer or another “disease” is almost always optional as is doing away with them. Many consider that cancer is not a disease but is a symptom of the body being out of balance. Solutions outside of cutting, chemo and radiation abound and are effective, but the medical establishment and media continue to perpetuate profitable lies.

Beginning Tuesday a new groundbreaking docu-series begins: The truth about cancer: A global quest. It will run for 9 days with a new episode each evening and it is FREE. Watch 100 doctors, researchers and specialists that focus in cancer prevention and treatment from around the world with a mission to make cancer a thing of the past!

The guy who has made this series Ty Bollinger is passionate about sharing what he has learned over the last several years of all the pathways to healing that are being used successfully. There is never a guarantee of wellness with any protocol but people are accessing non-toxic solutions all over the world now and many have learned that disease is an option.

Do you remember the story from up in Connecticut where a couples 17-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and the parents and her decided to take the non-toxic route to wellness. Then the state showed up with a dozen patrol cars, removed her from the home, and strapped her down in the hospital poisoning her with chemotherapy against her and her parents will for several weeks? That’s not the first time that has happened in America and in this series she exposes the truth about it all.

I would encourage you to invest the time in watching these each night! If you think that the only thing to do if diagnosed with cancer is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I understand and please do yourself a favor and watch this! You and all those you love deserve to know these truths. All it requires is an email address and first name. Click HERE to register!

Puppy update: Tomorrow we have our new puppy trainer coming over to straighten us out. Paisley is growing like a weed and burrows deeper into the lawn and my heart each day. Please share this as you see fit and take the time to watch all of the docu-series and know the truth about ending cancer. Be well!

Birthing of Nutritional Truths.

What began as a personal experiment turned into a quest for truths and then came the need to share much of what I have learned with as many folks as I can. Deciding to write Nutritional Truths and then actually delivering on that decision exposes one to their ways-of-being in life. There is much room for organization and I could not live with myself without publishing what I had learned. This book for me, as it seems for many, is not a finish line, but rather my starting line.

If I waited till I had reached some level of perfection in my own life, it may have never happened. Realized last summer out in the deserts of Arizona that my life’s purpose going forward is to educate about illness and wellness. Still don’t have anywhere near all the answers, likely never will, but the ones I now know are in the book.

I have witnessed too many family members, friends and colleagues dying needlessly and often at far too young an age. Many of them from heart disease and cancer. I learned that while they were likely oblivious to their own contributions to their illness, they were also in the dark about various effective solutions for what ailed them. While not pointing any fingers, as I would have four pointed right back at me, it is important for us to know how we can shift the crosshairs of disease off of us through informed choices and actions.

This begins my weekly blog and you’re invited to join me each week, as I share information that may serve you well! Kindly share my book,join me on Face Book-link to the right, and that will allow you to see each new addition to my blog. Consider sharing with those you know and care about and I welcome your feedback, questions and ideas! Take a look around this site to learn more. Be kind to yourself for me, and be well!