Most diseases are an option and not our predestination. This book gives you the tools to avoid them and even what to do if they come calling. The author Brett Christoffel lived over forty years in the dark about holistic and natural solutions to health issues. Brett was let in on how increasing consumption of Omega 3’s may alleviate depression and other health problems, and then he gave it a try.

With the information he gained, he began a 6-month regimen of consuming 1-2 tablespoons of fresh ground flax seeds daily. Four months later he was able to cease taking his anti-depressant dosage that he had been taking for almost 20 years. Taking place over three years ago, all the “truths” he thought he knew about “modern” medicine turned out to be false. The more he investigated, the more he realized much of the nation, like he, was asleep at the wheel when it came to real health care, nutrition and healing.

Not another diet book, this is a journey that covers the components and ingredients of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and Americas obsession with protein and calcium. Also meet many foods and beverages that embrace and promote wellness and love your mind and body back. You will learn about the toxins and the truth about dentistry and its various components and how you can live a much more healthful life.

You will meet some of the last century’s medical pioneers in the healing arts whom the government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars attempting to silence and banish from the medical establishment in America.

Incredible stories of courage and triumph from those who are living beyond a cancer diagnoses via various holistic and alternative pathways. The book also supports your mind, body, and spirits wellness. A comprehensive study which, for some will be a mind blower, for others an eye-opener, and for those already in-the-know, to share with the uninformed.

The link to Amazon is on the main menu and Nutritional Truths may be purchased in paperback, in a Kindle format and the audio version is available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon. Thanks for stopping by!

Top Ten Winner

Top Ten Winner

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