Tremendous Tranquil Trees

Decided today to speak about something near and dear to me, trees. Where I currently live is nicknamed the Tree Farm as my home is surrounded by acres of trees in all directions. For me, tall trees are comforting and remind me how short human life is and how without them we would likely not stand a chance of survival. Plus they can produce fruit or nuts, be used for fuel and construction, be fun to climb, look at, lay under and hey, maple syrup!


Tree facts
*There are upwards of twenty thousand tree species on Earth.
*Trees receive about ninety percent of their nutrition from the air and only ten percent from the soil.
*Trees can induce rainfall by cooling the earth and through their leaves transpire moisture into the sky through their leaves, with an acre of maple trees transpiring up to twenty thousand gallons into the air daily.


*Over the course of its life, a single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.
*The oldest trees on Earth include the California Bristlecone Pine and Giant Sequoias that live four to five thousand years.
*The habit of knocking on wood for good luck comes from primitive tree worship when knocking on trees was believed to summon protective spirits in the trees.


Hope you learned something new and feel free to share as you care to and enjoy yourself-it’s later than you think. Be Well!

Thunderbolts and Lightning

Before six am one morning this week, there was a tremendous crack that filled every inch of the house from lightning striking nearby. While it sounded like it was just outside the window, it turns out it was about five hundred feet away at my neighbor’s place. He texted me a picture of the tree later that morning and invited me over to look at it. While I had not seen a freshly stricken tree before what stood out first was its long strips of bark laying fifty feet away from the tree in many directions.

twenty-four inch diameter tree

twenty four inch diameter tree

The tree wasn’t just singed; it had essentially exploded. From the point it was struck, on down, looks like a charge went off at its core. With one to five billion joules of energy, a lightning strike is more than enough to destroy the life of anything. Yes, it can reach out up to ten miles from the center of the storm so give yourself thirty minutes from the last sound of thunder to consider yourself safe from it.

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike

We didn’t find anything burnt as I had expected and although the center was compromised, it remained standing. The tree is a post oak which is very common in this area and was certainly not the tallest nor the highest in the area, so why it, in particular, was hit is unknown.

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike

While many of us enjoy the sound and sight of lightning; there are those who would do well not to have to bother with it, including many dogs. Ninety percent of the people struck by lightning live, though many do come away with some negative impact not as much as the 10 percent that dies from it. In America, about two dozen folks a year are propelled into eternity from lightning strikes.

Bark blown off

Bark blown off

While there is no safe place, if caught in the outdoors, the best course of action is to seek shelter in a permanent building or inside an automobile. While inside the vehicle avoid contact with the doors and inside buildings avoid windows, window frames, and incoming phone lines, etc.

Our canine companions often feel the buildup of static in their coats and may react negatively towards it in addition to the sounds that tend to accompany storms. There are various strategies to help them discharge it from lying against exposed metal pipes and radiators to methods using aluminum foil, just check online for more ideas.

Springtime is the right time for storms with lightning so keep your awareness up. Share as you wish, have a great weekend and Be Well!

Destroyed by lightning

Destroyed by lightning

Falling into a Mineralized Winter

From pumpkin spiced everything, leaves falling to the ground, to the second round of turkey leftovers from last night, Fall is on its way out once again. Seems like it just got here. Just over three weeks until it is officially Winter for the next three months and most of all I will miss the trees full of green leaves.

I enjoy and appreciate fall colored leaves as much as the next person but then there is this visual absence of life though that is merely an illusion as the tree is just alive as ever going through a process begun long ago. Their naked limbs and branches offer an entirely different view.

This weekend here in North Texas the leaves are beginning to allow captain gravity to honor his commitment and open up my view that in the Summer is one full of green. Where I live is filled with deciduous trees, primarily post oaks, this time of year as they color from green to brown and fall, I miss them.

Before electricity, everyone used wood fires for cooking and warmth. The wood ash was then used in the family garden to mineralize the soil and in the salt and for seasoning once again mineralizing the diet. Trees are full of minerals and today we tend to be under “mineralized” due to this fact & poor diet.

We get most minerals from our water and the real whole foods we consume as well as if we use Real or Himalayan pink salt. Sen Tra Men also offers plant digested minerals from million of years ago and then buried until now. Investigate further and questions, please ask.

As our year winds down and we head into Christmas and New Years may you find much to enjoy within yourself and the world! Have a great long weekend, feel free to share this, and Be Well!