Being on the Rebound Increases Fluidity

Most of my life I was oblivious to the work of and overall life supporting purpose of the lymphatic system. Its main function is to transport lymph, a clear fluid containing white blood cells that supports the body in ridding itself of toxins, waste and other undesirable matter. It consists of lymph nodes, vessels and lymph. Your spleen, tonsils, adenoids, and thymus are all part of this system. We have twice as much lymph fluid as we do blood.

As bacteria are identified in the lymph, the lymph nodes make extra white blood cells, which can cause swelling. If you have ever felt kind of sickish and felt the nodes in your neck to be swollen, that’s what is taking place. Lymph does not flow and circulate through the body as blood does; it has its own system and goes in only one direction, towards our neck.

Since the network of the lymphatic system does not have muscles and it flows in only one direction, the only way to actually move the fluid is through massage or movement. Many massage therapists offer lymphatic massage and you can easily do it yourself at home. It only requires a very light touch as most of the system is right under the surface of the skin.

The best way to move lymph fluid throughout the body so it may bathe every cell in nutrients and take all the waste away is to use a rebounder or small therapeutic trampoline. The lymph is completely dependent on physical exercise to move and since the network of vessels run up the legs, torso, and arms, the vertical up and down motion of rebounding is most effective at making the lymph flow effectively!

The movement created by jumping on a rebounder stimulates the system, allowing the lymph to flow freely to support the removal of toxins and dead or cancerous cells, heavy metals, infectious viruses, and all the other waste cast off by our cells. It can be more effective an exercise than cycling, running or jogging with much less impact and opportunity for injury. It also works more body muscles and your core, and maintains balance while jumping. NASA found it more effective and health affirming than running on a treadmill.

There are a dozen or more different rebounder manufacturers and you get what you pay for. The top of the line rebounders use bungee cords and make no noise when in use, whereas some of the spring ones do make a bit of noise, some much more than others. There are several reviews of various rebounders online. Will be completing the audio version of Nutritional Truths in the studio next week and appreciate you being here and sharing. Be well!

Lymphatic system on a rebounder

Lymphatic system on a rebounder