Tremendous Tranquil Trees

Decided today to speak about something near and dear to me, trees. Where I currently live is nicknamed the Tree Farm as my home is surrounded by acres of trees in all directions. For me, tall trees are comforting and remind me how short human life is and how without them we would likely not stand a chance of survival. Plus they can produce fruit or nuts, be used for fuel and construction, be fun to climb, look at, lay under and hey, maple syrup!


Tree facts
*There are upwards of twenty thousand tree species on Earth.
*Trees receive about ninety percent of their nutrition from the air and only ten percent from the soil.
*Trees can induce rainfall by cooling the earth and through their leaves transpire moisture into the sky through their leaves, with an acre of maple trees transpiring up to twenty thousand gallons into the air daily.


*Over the course of its life, a single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.
*The oldest trees on Earth include the California Bristlecone Pine and Giant Sequoias that live four to five thousand years.
*The habit of knocking on wood for good luck comes from primitive tree worship when knocking on trees was believed to summon protective spirits in the trees.


Hope you learned something new and feel free to share as you care to and enjoy yourself-it’s later than you think. Be Well!

Only the Good Die Young

Receiving a call from a friend of mine on Wednesday afternoon, I was surprised to hear her husband’s voice on the phone and knew that something was amiss. He went on to state that her brother had flipped his car while driving out in California the night before and was killed. I dislike calls like that, and so it goes.

Daniel was just thirty-one and in those years, he likely lived a few lifetimes between Texas, Colorado, and California. His countless friends and loves have shared stories and tales of the life of Daniel, and the one consistent comment and fact is that Daniel is a free spirit. He was also loved by all who ever knew him.

His smile and hugs were always welcome as were the times spent talking with him, hanging out, catching up and dreaming out loud. He was a hair stylist, botanist and a real joy to all that ever spent time with or knew him. He is one of a kind, and the world is a bit less fun as a result of his leaving.

“We never know what we have until it is gone” could not be truer today than ever for me. I wish I would have reached out to him more and made sure to see him every time he was in town.

I used to call him Danielson, like Mr. Miyagi, and I guess I still will only without his smile in response. As the years pass death seems to be the one thing that still surprises me when it happens. We will all get a go at it one day, and I trust that what lies beyond is more amazing than we could ever imagine.

My heart breaks for his family and all the pain and grief they are experiencing, which is the norm and will somewhat pass over time. CS Lewis said, “The death of a beloved is an amputation.” In a sense it certainly is. To them, I say I love you, and we all share in your grief and miss knowing that Daniel is walking the Earth, just out of sight. He now knows all the truths about the universe.

Until we meet again Daniel, you will be forever missed. To my reader, make sure everyone you love knows it and may your weekend be a great one. Feel free to share and Be Well!

Daniel & Brett  2013

Daniel & Brett 2013