Time Tested Turmeric

The intention in writing Nutritional Truths was to place all the things I have learned over the past few years into a single source for folks to learn the truths about natural wellness. As time goes by I, learn more about various natural solutions and feel the need to share them with you and the powers of Turmeric is something you deserve to know. Turmeric is not just for great curries anymore; it is a powerhouse herb that loves you back.

Used before history began turmeric has been an effective solution for reducing arthritis and inflammation and can reduce pain and fever much like Tylenol or Ibuprofen and without possible negative side effects. It improves digestion and intestinal flora, cleanses and strengthens the gallbladder and liver, battles cancer and may lessen Alzheimer’s symptoms.

It is also used to combat swimmers ear or ear infections, sprains, burns, cuts, and insect bites as well as reducing coughs and asthma. Turmeric outperformed Prozac at treating depression in study after study without any of the potential negative side effects. Take a look online to find the studies and to learn more.

It is also great for our fur babies and all other animals and is primarily utilized in the equestrian arena. For more information on using it for supporting healing in critters investigate DVM Doug English (BVSc) as he is the unofficial leader in the effective use of turmeric in animals.

I learned about the amazing powers of turmeric through Golden Paste which is simply a mix of Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Black peppercorns, and water. The peppercorn contains piperine which makes the curcumin in turmeric more bio-available as it slows the liver from removing the curcumin so quickly from the blood.

To make the golden paste all, you need a half of cup of organic turmeric as regular unregulated turmeric can have high lead levels, a third of a cup of unrefined coconut oil, a cup of clean water and two to three teaspoons of freshly ground peppercorns. Bring the turmeric and water to a boil then down to a simmer 9 minutes until it is a thick paste. Once it cools down a bit add the oil and ground peppercorns stirring well. Some folks freeze it in flexible silicone pill sheets for easy doses or add it to most any meal during the day. It will keep in the fridge up to two weeks or in the freezer for longer periods of time.

Hope this sheds light on something you have perhaps overlooked and hope you investigate it further. May your weekend be a great one, share as you care to and be Well!

Cancer Solutions Exist

As October is cancer awareness month another year rolls by but the industry continues to perpetuate the untruths that say that non-toxic solutions for cancer do not exist and everyone’s only hope is to expose themselves to surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. Whatever path one chooses is their business just know the following answers exist and be aware of the fear tactics.

As I mentioned two weeks ago, surgery, chemo, and radiation only temporarily suppress cancer; it will almost always return often more aggressive because the body never healed.

If you find it difficult or impossible to believe that non-toxic solutions already exist, then they have done their job well. Consider investigating the solutions listed and learn more for yourself and those you love.

No one will ever guarantee that a single solution will work every time but tens of thousands have found healing through these various means. The toughest part sometimes is to recall what we already know, and that is that the human body was made to heal itself, we just have to support it in accomplishing that.

Dr. Thomas Lodi, a true cancer specialist, speaks to the fact that our first step once diagnosed or sooner is to stop making cancer and work from there. An acidic diet filled with toxins in and on “food and drink” as well as being void of nutrition supports to create cancer along with exposure to external toxins.

External toxins may include nicotine intake, air fresheners, candles/incense, sunscreen, lotions/ potions, shampoo, hairspray, soap, fluoride, tattoo ink, antiperspirant/deodorant, perfumes/cologne, makeup, fabric softeners, amalgam fillings, root canals, various dust, and household cleaners.

Biopsies may expose the entire body to the cancerous cells via the bloodstream. The same concerns apply to mammograms which may burst tumors and also exposes the breasts to cell-destroying radiation. Thermography may now be an acceptable form of prevention without damaging anything but the old paradigm.


The list here does not represent every solution or protocol that has been shown to support healing. Question what you think you know and you have the right to know the truth. Enjoy your weekend, share as you may and Be Well!

Papa going to Pot!

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves on adventures we had not expected and my time with my father after a “terminal” diagnosis this past couple of weeks is no exception and by the way aren’t we all terminal?

My father who I haven’t seen even a bit tipsy or otherwise hollered down from upstairs one night recently “Who’s downstairs!” I confirmed it was me and the next words out of his mouth were ones I never thought I would hear “I need my weed!” I laughed out loud and immediately knew I would have to blog about it.

Dear old dad, a veteran of the Korean War who warned all his children long ago of the evils of drug use and how it was a gateway drug now, has embraced this safe and effective original medicine. He uses a Tootsie roll type of edible before bed to aid with sleep and ease leg pain through the night.

Grateful Colorado had enough sense to see the value of God’s Farmacy and allow people access to non-toxic solutions to aid with a myriad of ills. Unlike synthetic petroleum-based solutions, there has never been a single overdose or death attributed to the use of cannabis.

Tens of thousands of people die each month in America due to properly prescribed and taken pharmaceuticals as a side effect. Merck allowed over 50,000 people to die from using Vioxx before they took it off the market.

If you would like to read the truth about why cannabis and hemp were made illegal then review: The Emperor Wears no Clothes, written by Jack Herer and all sixteen chapters are free on his site.

I have asked Dad if he would be willing to try a little puff puff pass, but to date, he says no, I will keep working on him. He has shifted his consumption and begun several non-toxic protocols to combat his condition.

Have a wonderful weekend, love on those you love, thanks for dropping in and feel free to share as you may. Be Well!


How Dr. Schweitzer cured his type II diabetes in 1950.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer was born in Germany in 1875 the son and grandson of Lutheran ministers. He was known for many things including being an acclaimed organist, an international authority on Bach, an author, a church pastor, the principal of a seminary, a university professor with two doctoral degrees and philanthropist.


Realizing the rising and unanswered needs for medical support in Africa, he spent seven years educating himself and graduating in 1913 from Strasbourg University as an MD. His goal was to open a hospital in the wilds of Africa, and he did just that in a town at the time named Lambarene, now known as Gabon, nestled along the Ogooue River not far from the equator.


He brought his wife Helen to assist him and though they spent a few months in an internment camp during the second world war: it didn’t slow them down one bit. Once released they got back to it with him heading the facilities and with a growing demand he opened a leprosarium.

Dr. Schweitzer had a legendary sense of humor. As his look resembled his friend Albert Einstein, once on a train he was asked by a couple of schoolgirls, “Dr. Einstein, may we have your autograph?” Not wanting to disappoint them he did sign their autograph book: “Albert Einstein, by his friend Albert Schweitzer.”

In 1950 he met Dr. Max Gerson, who used his Gerson protocol to heal Schweitzer’s type two diabetes and Albert became a vegetarian. Dr. Gerson’ s protocol also cleared up Schweitzer’s daughter’s chronic skin condition and saved the life of Albert’s wife, who suffered from tuberculosis, which had not responded to conventional treatment. Another confirmation that the Gerson protocol worked!

Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers (1)

Dr. Schweitzer said of Dr. Max Gerson “I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.” Dr. Schweitzer won the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize, and he died in 1965 at the age of 90 at his hospital in Africa. At the time of his death, he had served tens of thousands of people and had grown the complex into seventy buildings with over five hundred and fifty beds. Through his generosity, he set up trusts that keep facilities open to this day.

You can learn more about Dr. Schweitzer and his accomplishments as well and Dr. Max Gerson and all he has done to bring about healing online. Consider viewing Dying to have known, which is a documentary about the Gerson protocol while one titled Simply Raw, is all about ending diabetes and can be found online also. Enjoy your weekend, like and share, stay cool, and Be Well!


Happy Anniversary Giveaway!

April 25th marks the one year anniversary of the publication of my first book Nutritional Truths. This past year has proven a great deal of insight into the self-publishing world and writing a blog over this past year has been educational as well.

There will be five copies of the audio version of Nutritional Truths given away, and all you need to do to enter is make sure you like Nutritional Truths on Facebook and share this on your wall before May 8th. Very simple with winners being notified the end next week. Good luck! You may also follow my blog by sharing your email at http://www.nutritionaltruths.com to be entered.

I wrote the book having spent so many years in the dark about nutrition, foods, disease and their actual cures. Nutritional Truths allows me to share all the information that everyone should know in one concise book allowing the readers to investigate further the truths that matter most to them.

Have you ever thought of writing a book and publishing it? When you finally do you will find it either harder or easier than you think. It’s one of those unknowns until it is complete and ready for print at which point is editing and re-editing again and again happens. When this happens, the perfectionist may never complete the project since chasing one’s tail comes easy at this stage and making the book available to the public has to be more important than perfection.

Once Nutritional Truths was published, I was under the illusion that the heavy lifting was over, but it had only just begun. Marketing, promoting and selling one’s book takes more effort than I would have guessed. There are still avenues I have begun to explore in order to promote it further and am always open to your ideas.

Enjoy your weekend, enter this contest and share this with those you love. Good luck and Be Well!
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An Apple a Day!

One of Americas favorite fruits the apple is more popular today than ever and with very good reason. What once were the only apples marketed in the US were Red and Golden Delicious and Granny Smith and though still popular today, the varieties have grown.

It turns out there are dozens of verities grown and available, many year round. Today we find Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp, Cortland, Empire and many more. Some sweeter and crisper than others.
ninety percent of the pesticides and fifty percent of the vitamins are in the skin. So eat only organic apples and keep the skin on. Apples are full of fiber, water and phytonutrients that serve the body very well. An apple a day is good and three a day are likely better!

As we move into winter the apples in the store will begin coming in from New Zeeland and the prices will begin going up. Consider adding more of them to your own diet and they are also great with almond butter!

Investigate them further and review one of the thousands of studies proving that apples are truly are in our best interest. Enjoy your weekend and Be Well!

An Apple a Day...

Ready to learn the Truth about Cancer?

The entire reason I wrote Nutritional Truths was so folks could come out of the fog and learn that getting Cancer or another “disease” is almost always optional as is doing away with them. Many consider that cancer is not a disease but is a symptom of the body being out of balance. Solutions outside of cutting, chemo and radiation abound and are effective, but the medical establishment and media continue to perpetuate profitable lies.

Beginning Tuesday a new groundbreaking docu-series begins: The truth about cancer: A global quest. It will run for 9 days with a new episode each evening and it is FREE. Watch 100 doctors, researchers and specialists that focus in cancer prevention and treatment from around the world with a mission to make cancer a thing of the past!

The guy who has made this series Ty Bollinger is passionate about sharing what he has learned over the last several years of all the pathways to healing that are being used successfully. There is never a guarantee of wellness with any protocol but people are accessing non-toxic solutions all over the world now and many have learned that disease is an option.

Do you remember the story from up in Connecticut where a couples 17-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and the parents and her decided to take the non-toxic route to wellness. Then the state showed up with a dozen patrol cars, removed her from the home, and strapped her down in the hospital poisoning her with chemotherapy against her and her parents will for several weeks? That’s not the first time that has happened in America and in this series she exposes the truth about it all.

I would encourage you to invest the time in watching these each night! If you think that the only thing to do if diagnosed with cancer is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I understand and please do yourself a favor and watch this! You and all those you love deserve to know these truths. All it requires is an email address and first name. Click HERE to register!

Puppy update: Tomorrow we have our new puppy trainer coming over to straighten us out. Paisley is growing like a weed and burrows deeper into the lawn and my heart each day. Please share this as you see fit and take the time to watch all of the docu-series and know the truth about ending cancer. Be well!