Best Squash Soup Ever!

Sometimes things deserve to be re-blogged, and this very tasty recipe is one of them! With fall upon us and daylight savings coming to a close, pumpkins and squash are everywhere. A heavy fall crop, winter squash offers many variables, and I wanted to make sure you know how amazing it is not only in taste but also for your body.

Squashes history dates back over 10,000 years from an area between Guatemala and Mexico as a food source though originally it was just the seeds that were consumed as the flesh was thin and bitter. Christopher Columbus took them back to Europe where they began to cultivate them.

A couple of the greatest things about consuming winter squash is that it is full of antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory food. Full of vitamins A, C, B6, Manganese, copper, potassium, B2, folate, K, Omega 3 fats, magnesium, and B3.

In addition to being a nutritional friend to our bodies winter squash also helps regulate blood sugar and insulin in addition to being an amazing source of fiber.

This is one of my favorite recipes that can be modified to fit your taste buds by just changing seasonings and it is such a hearty vegan recipe that you have to try it! Have an amazing weekend, share if you like, eat some squash soon and Be Well!

Autumn Hugs Hearty Squash Soup
• One large to medium butternut squash
• One acorn squash
• Two tablespoons coconut oil
• One white onion finely diced
• One teaspoon real salt
• One teaspoon white pepper
• One teaspoon ground nutmeg
• One teaspoon onion powder
• One teaspoon grounds ginger/garlic paste
• Seeds of 8 green and 4 black cardamom-ground
• 4 cups (1 large box) vegetable stock
• 2 cups soaked cashews (4 hours min)
• 2 cups of coconut water or water

Cut squashes in half, clean out seeds, brush flesh with coconut oil and sprinkle salt, pepper and nutmeg. Place face down on a sheet pan and bake in the oven for 60 minutes at 350. In a high-speed blender puree the soaked cashews and coconut water for several minutes, set aside. In a stock pot place remainder of coconut oil and onion, cook 5-7 minutes till translucent, then toss in other spices and ground cardamoms and allow to sizzle for up to a minute and then add vegetable stock.

Add cashew mix and scoop out and add the flesh of both squashes. Once complete use an immersion blender to break things down as smooth as you like it, but not completely. This recipe delivers a thick and hearty soup and unless you’re dead set on a perfectly smooth soup try it with the small chunks left in it. Once heated through ladle into bowls or mugs and top with freshly toasted pumpkin seeds and enjoy. This pot of soup serves several and if given an extra day for flavors to marry, all the better!

Hope you enjoy the recipe and feel free to share, subscribe and Be Well!

Falling into a Mineralized Winter

From pumpkin spiced everything, leaves falling to the ground, to the second round of turkey leftovers from last night, Fall is on its way out once again. Seems like it just got here. Just over three weeks until it is officially Winter for the next three months and most of all I will miss the trees full of green leaves.

I enjoy and appreciate fall colored leaves as much as the next person but then there is this visual absence of life though that is merely an illusion as the tree is just alive as ever going through a process begun long ago. Their naked limbs and branches offer an entirely different view.

This weekend here in North Texas the leaves are beginning to allow captain gravity to honor his commitment and open up my view that in the Summer is one full of green. Where I live is filled with deciduous trees, primarily post oaks, this time of year as they color from green to brown and fall, I miss them.

Before electricity, everyone used wood fires for cooking and warmth. The wood ash was then used in the family garden to mineralize the soil and in the salt and for seasoning once again mineralizing the diet. Trees are full of minerals and today we tend to be under “mineralized” due to this fact & poor diet.

We get most minerals from our water and the real whole foods we consume as well as if we use Real or Himalayan pink salt. Sen Tra Men also offers plant digested minerals from million of years ago and then buried until now. Investigate further and questions, please ask.

As our year winds down and we head into Christmas and New Years may you find much to enjoy within yourself and the world! Have a great long weekend, feel free to share this, and Be Well!