Hoxsey Moxie!

In the 1930’s-1950’s, Dallas was home to the world’s largest cancer clinic that was providing effective solutions to many types of cancer (some folks use the term heal), with 17 offices across the country and a growing reputation for their herbal tonic.

A self-healing horse inspired the Hoxsey tonic and then the recipe was passed on to Harold Hoxsey as a teen in the 1920’s, and his father’s only deathbed stipulation had been to provide the tonic to anyone whether they could make payment or not. This Harold did until the very end.

The good news was that Hoxsey was an oilman first, and the clinic was his duty, not a cash earner for him. He was referred to by his competition as a quack, and he was sued more than any other person for bringing people to a point of wellness and no not everyone every time. He would even pay for his patients travel, hotels, and their treatment.

A man by the name of Al Templeton who was the Assistant District Attorney for Dallas had arrested him upwards of 100 times for “practicing medicine without a license” as by this time the AMA shut down any school of thought outside of their own allopathic care model as they have done since the very beginning.

In 1939, Al’s brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and found it removed by visiting the Hoxsey clinic and using the Hoxsey tonic. Al then became Harold Hoxsey’s personal lawyer from that point forward. And several times Hoxsey was vindicated by federal judges and with favorable legal outcomes particularly one against the AMA.

Dr. Fishbein the head quack hunter for the AMA went after Hoxsey time and again only to finally be stopped by his own termination twenty-five years later. Once Mr. Hoxsey won his federal case against the AMA Fishbein was immediately ousted from his position. “I am of the firm opinion and belief that Hoxsey has cured these people of cancer (with herbs). Hoxsey has been done a great injustice and articles and utterances by defendant Morris Fishbein (AMA Chief and Managing Editor) were false, slanderous, and libelous.” – Judge W.L. Thornton, Decision, Hoxsey vs. Fishbein.
In the late 1950’s Hoxsey made an entire movie about the clinic and invited any MD or reporter to visit the clinic to talk to patients, review records, etc. Most did not, but a few did, and they all became adamant supporters of the tonic and clinic.

In 1955, the FDA went so far as to mail out to all 46,000 US post offices posters to be displayed saying “Warning against the Hoxsey (herbal) Cancer Treatment…Cancer can only be cured through surgery or radiation.” Profitable lies told to this day. See the sign below the story.

After the AMA had lost its defamation lawsuit, the FDA magically stepped in to close down all 17 offices and then Hoxsey closed down US headquarters & clinic in Dallas. Before this, Hoxsey sent his head nurse to Mexico to open a clinic there. It is still in operation to this day.

Hoxsey is just one of many cancer solution providers that the government has done all it can to silence. Investigate natural solutions and you will be amazed at how many ways to healthy there are and feel free to share this as you wish. Be Well!


Processed meats now categorized the same as asbestos, formaldehyde & mustard gas.

After the review of over 400 studies all processed meats are now classified as Group 1, carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organization so if you’re a consumer of them, please take note. Their classification comes from evidence from epidemiological studies that eating processed meat causes colorectal cancer.

After reviewing over 700 studies, it was concluded that red meat: that includes beef, veal, pork, lamb, mutton, horse, and goat would be classified Group 2A, Probably carcinogenic to humans. Yes, they eat horse meat all around the world.

In those studies, risk mostly increased with the amount of meat consumed. In an analysis of facts from 10 studies estimated that each 50-gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by about 18%.

If you are not familiar with the China Study and the movie Forks over Knives, and you care to learn more about the whole meat hubbub then read and watch it. You have a right to know the truths about what you consume and then it is your choice what to do with that information.

As with most studies, we have no idea what their complete lifestyle was outside of the consumption of the processed meats. Far too many variables to pin down accurate numbers in my thinking but the fact is our bodies have zero requirements for processed anything and outside of b-12 no requirements for meat.

Paisley, the puppy, continues to grow and learn and is a true source of joy for us. Almost 13 weeks old she is so much bigger than we got her six weeks ago and so is our love for her. Nutritional Truths is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle as well as on iTunes and Audible in audio version. Share as you wish and Be well!


Cancer Industry exposed!

With the Truth about Cancer series still running for free and the 4th chapter begins tonight. To take part just click HERE. Why take the time out of your busy life to view this? Did you know that here in the US as it is in the UK, and Australia big Pharma and the cancer industry have a stranglehold on every single cancer patient?

Making money is their only focus and not helping folks to live longer lives. I base this solely on results. So no doctor anywhere can tell a patient to do anything other than surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Even though there are dozens of other non-toxic options that work to remove cancers, they will face a fine, incarceration, and loss of licensing if they ever even hint at anything outside their profit center.

One in two men and one in three women will face cancer in their lifetime, but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence unless you listen to your allopathic doctor and become part of the cancer industries matrix of cut, burn, poison. The Truth about Cancer series covers so many aspects and effective solutions to cancer that I cannot state it enough to invest your time in watching it and for free right now!

If you still think the FDA, AMA and ACS care about you, I would ask if anyone has let you in on the Santa myth. Of all the evidence, I have poured through they only seem to care about those that fund them and keeping “diseases” profitable. As it is today all the processed food and beverage manufacturers, fast food, restaurants make money on the front end until you are sick then the medical establishment including the cancer hacks, get to make money on the back-end most often sending you to deaths door via their profitable, outdated, and often barbaric offerings.

I have to admit that most of my life I thought anything outside the medical norm was BS so if you’re thinking what I am sharing is BS I understand and would offer you to please investigate further.
Share this as you may and be very well!


Ready to learn the Truth about Cancer?

The entire reason I wrote Nutritional Truths was so folks could come out of the fog and learn that getting Cancer or another “disease” is almost always optional as is doing away with them. Many consider that cancer is not a disease but is a symptom of the body being out of balance. Solutions outside of cutting, chemo and radiation abound and are effective, but the medical establishment and media continue to perpetuate profitable lies.

Beginning Tuesday a new groundbreaking docu-series begins: The truth about cancer: A global quest. It will run for 9 days with a new episode each evening and it is FREE. Watch 100 doctors, researchers and specialists that focus in cancer prevention and treatment from around the world with a mission to make cancer a thing of the past!

The guy who has made this series Ty Bollinger is passionate about sharing what he has learned over the last several years of all the pathways to healing that are being used successfully. There is never a guarantee of wellness with any protocol but people are accessing non-toxic solutions all over the world now and many have learned that disease is an option.

Do you remember the story from up in Connecticut where a couples 17-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and the parents and her decided to take the non-toxic route to wellness. Then the state showed up with a dozen patrol cars, removed her from the home, and strapped her down in the hospital poisoning her with chemotherapy against her and her parents will for several weeks? That’s not the first time that has happened in America and in this series she exposes the truth about it all.

I would encourage you to invest the time in watching these each night! If you think that the only thing to do if diagnosed with cancer is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I understand and please do yourself a favor and watch this! You and all those you love deserve to know these truths. All it requires is an email address and first name. Click HERE to register!

Puppy update: Tomorrow we have our new puppy trainer coming over to straighten us out. Paisley is growing like a weed and burrows deeper into the lawn and my heart each day. Please share this as you see fit and take the time to watch all of the docu-series and know the truth about ending cancer. Be well!