Welcome to the New Year with a new Adventure!

Taking ownership of failing to consistently and effectively communicate is not always easy but allow me at this time to do so. I have been mostly absent from my blog the past several months but have been extremely busy on developing a new company.

With my father’s transition into eternity last March I was left very sad and suddenly acutely aware of what a close and wonderful friend he had become over the years and me shedding more tears than I ever thought possible. His absence has become the new normal, he is having a blast, and I look forward to us meeting up again one day.

Over the past ten months along with my grieving I have begun to build a plant-based snack food company that will launch most likely in April. Still far too many moving pieces to know for sure just yet but it has become my passion and will likely remain so for the remainder of my life.

To offer every body amazingly satisfying snack options that do not support disease or animal involvement, with a portion of the proceeds going to support an animal sanctuary, everybody wins!

With amazing flavors and a myriad of plant-based snack options, we are poised to impact Texas largest commodity, beef.

I began this blog to support book sales and just to share information folks might otherwise never know that would support them in being well. I will continue to do so on a more regular basis and will keep you in the loop on the plant-based snack company.

Have an amazing weekend, share as you care to and be well!

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