Papa going to Pot!

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves on adventures we had not expected and my time with my father after a “terminal” diagnosis this past couple of weeks is no exception and by the way aren’t we all terminal?

My father who I haven’t seen even a bit tipsy or otherwise hollered down from upstairs one night recently “Who’s downstairs!” I confirmed it was me and the next words out of his mouth were ones I never thought I would hear “I need my weed!” I laughed out loud and immediately knew I would have to blog about it.

Dear old dad, a veteran of the Korean War who warned all his children long ago of the evils of drug use and how it was a gateway drug now, has embraced this safe and effective original medicine. He uses a Tootsie roll type of edible before bed to aid with sleep and ease leg pain through the night.

Grateful Colorado had enough sense to see the value of God’s Farmacy and allow people access to non-toxic solutions to aid with a myriad of ills. Unlike synthetic petroleum-based solutions, there has never been a single overdose or death attributed to the use of cannabis.

Tens of thousands of people die each month in America due to properly prescribed and taken pharmaceuticals as a side effect. Merck allowed over 50,000 people to die from using Vioxx before they took it off the market.

If you would like to read the truth about why cannabis and hemp were made illegal then review: The Emperor Wears no Clothes, written by Jack Herer and all sixteen chapters are free on his site.

I have asked Dad if he would be willing to try a little puff puff pass, but to date, he says no, I will keep working on him. He has shifted his consumption and begun several non-toxic protocols to combat his condition.

Have a wonderful weekend, love on those you love, thanks for dropping in and feel free to share as you may. Be Well!


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