Scientists Bribed to Tell One Sweet Lie

I learned in the 80’s that one needed to avoid fats and cholesterol to avoid heart disease, cancer and the like. It turns out we have been lied to for fifty years because the sugar industry doesn’t want you to know that it is sugar and not fat that leads the charge in supporting disease.

In 1967 the bogus study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine falsely linking fat to heart disease. Even after the truth of data manipulation came out this week in JAMA they deny any wrongdoing, but of course.

Not surprising after watching Dr. Lustig speaks to these deadly facts in his recorded presentation titled Sugar the bitter truth found on YouTube. Dr. Lodi also speaks to the fact that cancer cells take 19 times more energy than regular cells to operate, and their desired fuels source is sugar.

What Is even crazier is that by them touting fat and not sugar as the culprit a whole new low-fat craze took place and guess what they replaced the fat with, sugar. This increase in the use of sugar by one-third, was known beforehand, and part of the reason for the lie.

Without skipping a beat the new Sugar Association that replaced the old Sugar Research Foundation responded with the “that was before our time” response this week.

They have held the same lies for years about sugar in sodas not aiding in the obesity epidemic. Sugar is what I refer to as America’s true gateway drug. Eight times more addictive than cocaine people will be slow to investigate it no matter how detrimental it is.

Food manufacturers like cigarette manufacturers are prone to manipulate data and outright lie to protect and grow their market share. One day perhaps everyone will know the truth and act accordingly. OK probably not, but just the same, people have the right to know the truths about anything edible they purchase.

More information can be had in Nutritional Truths and by investigating it for yourself online. Have an amazing weekend, share as you may and Be Well!

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