Talk about a large organ!

In addition to acting as an envelope keeping us all together, our skin acts as a regulator of our bodies temperature by dissipating heat through sweating and keeping us warm in the cold. Our skin proves to us every time we have a cut or scrape that it was made to heal.

With Summer now upon us, it is imperative that you are clear that whatever you are putting on your body is likely going into your body. From lotions, makeup, soaps, perfumes, and sunscreen. We will focus on sunscreen since too often folks are only focused on the SPF number and not how they are dosing their or their children’s bodies with chemicals you would never serve on a sandwich.

There are two different ways sunscreens are created, and one is with toxic chemicals and the other with minerals that too often include the toxic chemicals. Both act as a barrier but with chemicals like Oxybenzone that is linked to a myriad of health concerns it is amazing that people just trust manufacturers and slather anything sold on themselves and those they love.

The EWG tested over 1400 different sunscreens, and only 5% met their safety standards with over 40% potentially contributing to skin cancer. A search online for natural homemade sunscreens will produce many options. Ingesting organic carotenoid-rich foods like carrots, peaches, tomatoes, watermelon, leafy greens and red peppers will support the bodies efforts too.

One of the best ways to stay safer outside is to limit one’s sun exposure and to cover up with shade, wide-brimmed hats, and long-sleeved tops. With skin cancer rates always rising consider thinking twice before you reach for that mass-produced sunscreen and consider if it would go well on your sandwich.

Have an amazing Summer and may this weekend be a great one! Share as you may and Be Well!

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