Valentine’s Day Once More

Valentine’s day over my lifetime thus far has changed a bit over the years, and I recall my earliest school days of passing out Valentines to all my classmates via their Valentines bags taped across the chalkboard. It also meant an opportunity to make a card for mom though I don’t recall dad ever getting one.

Giving flowers made the scene as I became a teenager for girlfriends on Valentines, which has carried on to this very day. Yes, they are overpriced and die in a few days, but if your beloved enjoys them, then you buy them. Sure cards and candy can go a long way to saying I love you and a nice dinner too but florists have bills to pay too.

For as long as I remember NECCO Sweethearts have been a part of my Valentine’s Day. They began making them back in 1866 and though the sayings and flavors have changed over the years they remain my favorites. Yes due to the ingredients I cannot recommend them, but they are a tasty treat. So tasty they make eight billion of them a year, making them the best-selling Valentines candy, even over chocolates.

I also spent years along the way without a particular Valentine so I would either just ignore it or ask a friend to dinner or lunch to celebrate being single. One time I broke up with my girlfriend the beginning of February knowing, I would then not get to deal with all the flowers, etc. on Valentine’s day. Don’t hate.

Our now six-month-old puppy Paisley has brought a new level of love into our lives, and again I say “Who knew?” I was trimming her nails after her bath today and cut into the quick. She did not yelp or seem affected by it, but man do those nails bleed.
Seems you can get by a drug to place on it or use an 80/20 mix of cornstarch/baking soda to stop the bleeding.

I felt so terrible making my dog bleed but have confirmed that it is not all that unusual and I have more knowledge of how to avoid it going forward. More puppy wellness info can be easily had on Mercola Pets.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year may you enjoy it and whoever your Valentine is, even if it is you! Be kind to yourself and share as you wish-Be Well!

Paisley Greeting

Paisley Greeting

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