New Butcher Shop opens to the applause of cows, pigs, sheep and chickens!

OK I’m not sure how those critters could actually clap but they certainly would if they could. For the very first time in America, a Vegan Butcher Shop is opening this weekend and is very likely the first of many. A brother and sister who started out selling their style of critter free meats and cheeses at the local Farmers Market a few years ago will be opening the Herbivorous Butcher tomorrow.


While many folks become vegan from a point of compassion many more or now coming around to it as a way to better avoid cancer and heart disease. And better still folks who have lived their whole lives as committed carnivores are now trying meatless meals. Yes beans, seeds and veggies all have protein.


No matter one’s reasoning, the ability to consume a meal that didn’t take thousands of gallons of water to produce and nothing had to die for it, just makes it more enjoyable. Remember we kill on average 100,000 animals every day in America for our consumption. Kind of crazy when you think about it but that’s been part of our culture since the beginning.

So Aubry and Kale (Yes that’s his name, Kale) Walch decided to upgrade from a 6-foot table at the local Farmers market to a storefront at 507 1st Ave NE in Minneapolis by successfully using Kickstarter to raise over $60k to make it happen! Now after months of building it out and lots of press the fun begins!


Having already ordered their Vegan starter kit so we may try their various “meats” as soon as possible. Most of their meats main ingredient is vital wheat gluten, so if you’re avoiding gluten, then stick with their amazing cheeses made of soy milk and other wonderful things until their GF meat options make it to market.

I have read countless reviews of their products, and even the hardcore regular meat eaters enjoyed most everything they sampled! While, in healthful stores everywhere, there are many meatless options but to have a locally sourced and made a product with helpful information, etc. is a gift to Minneapolis and the world!


I’m excited for them as they further their commitment to cruelty-free nourishment! You can find them on Facebook, and their website is at Feel free to share with everyone, may your weekend be a wonderful one and Be Well!

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