Change Happens

The end of Summer here in Texas lies just beyond the hottest & driest part of the year promising Fall is on its way. School starting next week brings Summer to an end for many, along with big schedule changes. A city we live near has two Universities and a trip to downtown today proved that the student population is back in attendance once again.

Whether we enjoy them or not, changes happen regularly, sometimes we roll with it and other times we may fight it. I have noticed that getting older (over 40) my perception of life continues to shift tremendously. Important issues and concerns twenty years ago mean more, less, or nothing to me today. My political leanings once so set in stone, are all over the place today, and it’s perfect.

Spent time with a good buddy of mine in from Colorado today learning all about the cannabis business. He is a consultant out of Boulder and we spent a good bit of time discussing many aspects of the cannabis industry, and it is perched to bring wellness to Americans. Change is welcome by some and others fight it, often out of habit or lack knowledge.

The great city we live near Denton put a vote to the citizens about fracking. The citizens voted to ban fracking for good, and that was a wonderful example of people taking action for change and creating the results they desired! Then immediately our Governor Abbot passed a law disallowing any city or county to ban fracking anywhere in Texas, including Denton. Some changes are wise while others are unabashedly corrupt.

So if you’re getting ready for another school year because you teach, have children in school, or are a student, may it be nothing short of an amazing year! Notice the changes in most everything and may you find yourself not fighting but rather embracing them. And if you don’t like a certain aspect of something, feel free to change it!

The audio version of Nutritional Truths will join the paperback and Kindle versions next week. My submissions have been approved and are now in ACX Audio conversion land. It will be available by the end of next week. Changes keep life interesting, helps us learn patience sometimes and promise a bit of a surprise every now and again. Turn and face the stranger. Kindly share this and Be well!



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