If it tastes too good to be true, it’s likely the MSG talking

Many times have I taken a bite of something and think “Wow this is amazingly delicious”! and today I quickly realize it is likely MSG talking. Almost all processed, fast and restaurant foods are laden with it. Since it comes in our food supply in over sixty different names, you would need to keep a cheat sheet with you to avoid it. Preparing food at home with all known ingredients is the only way to skip it consistently.

The folks in our military at the end of the second world war noticed how much tastier the Japanese MRE’s were than Americas and learned all about MSG. In the beginning, they thought they could add an MSG shaker on tables across America like salt and pepper but it never took off. Once food manufacturers knew how it helped drive their sales by tricking consumers into not tasting the negative flavor found in many packaged foods, sales of it took flight. They have been increasing its use and even turned to hiding it under various ingredient names ever since.

What many may not know is that feeding lab rats MSG is the standard protocol to fatten them. Seems rats aren’t regularly overweight, but if you feed them MSG they are guaranteed to become obese. Of course, all food manufacturers and fast or full-service restaurants know this, but MSG also keeps customers loving the food and keeps them from feeling full so that they will consume more and regularly. A simple look at Americas statistics around our growing obesity over the past fifty years proves this out.

Next time you find yourself overwhelmed with taste-joy over something, stop and realize if you’re being duped. Some folks consider this a drugging of the food while others consider it food science. We will all eat whatever we choose, and that is as it should be. At the same time, you have a right to know if they are intentionally flipping switches in your brain to get you to love it and eat more. One of many ingredients, it pays to be clear on and in Nutritional Truths I cover them all. Along with paperback, it is now on Kindle, and we will go into the studio soon to make it available in audio. Be well!

You deserve to know

You deserve to know


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